Three Warblers

I photographed these three warblers yesterday morning along a new location ventured, the scenic (dirt) Loop Road in Big Cypress National Preserve.  The best part?  One is another new bird for me.  😊

Welcome #201, the Black-and-white Warbler.


Black-and-white Warbler


My other two warblers aren’t newbies but both were a delight to hear and see.

A single Prairie Warbler; whew, I got lucky with just one good photo.

DSC_5361-1 31620

Prairie Warbler


Getting to experience again a flock of Northern Parulas moving high through a tree canopy, foraging and singing beautifully, was pretty awesome.   Again, I got lucky as warblers do not stay still!

DSC_5182-1 31620

Northern Parula feeding on a Cardinal air plant



Northern Parula singing


Warblers are a delight!

And so wasn’t the Loop Road that had many more wonderful photo opportunities.  🙂



52 thoughts on “Three Warblers

    • Thank you, Deborah! I saw the Prairie out mid-west a few years ago, it’s only here in Florida for the winter. How cool! It has been an awesome and different winter for me for sure. 🙂

  1. Terrific photos, Donna. I see that you’re really in the right places at the right times. I love it! 🙂 👍

  2. Beautiful captures Donna, especially the Praitie Warbler a stunning little guy! That loop walk is quite a blessing. Interesting how we find little enclaves of forest where birds are in largest number, especially near a flowing stream. We only have endemic two warblers the Australian Reed Warbler and the Speckled Warbler. We have whistlers mainly that are very vocal in spring/summer. Our main beautiful warbling song comes from our amazing Magpies, and when they do it in chorus together it is called caroling. Have a good week my friend and stay safe!

    • Thank you, Ashley! The Loop is actually a 10-12 wide dirt road almost 40 miles long, meandering through the Big Cypress National Preserve and the Everglades National Park. I drove it for about five miles then turned around since it was getting to be noon already. Maybe some day I’ll drive much further, with someone with me. 🙂 Enjoy your week too, be safe!

    • Thank you, Reed! LOL it can sure take alot of photos to possibly get lucky, the little ones don’t want to stay still very long! Most of mine go to the trash bin. 😉 But on an upside, they are very good to practice our quickness skills!

  3. You are an amazing birder and photographer! It is such a delight to see your bird photography! I can’t wait to join you on a birding adventure soon!

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