Gray Catbird

There is an abundance of Gray Catbirds in the Everglades and Big Cypress area of Florida.


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Gray Catbird collecting berries


Have you heard one to understand why they’re named a catbird?  Take a listen…..


Gray Catbird ‘meowing’ call
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The first time I heard one years ago, I honestly thought a kitten was hiding in the bushes.  I searched and searched for that poor kitty that needed help.  Suddenly a gray bird shot out of the bushes and was gone.  So was the meowing!


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Gray Catbird collecting berries


This is a very secretive bird, always trying to hide from you in the thick of the leaves and branches.

Because I had been sitting still (in my bird mobile) for a while, watching and photographing this and several other bird species, a Gray Catbird brazenly landed in front of me on a fence.  😲


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Curious Gray Catbird


When I see the Gray Catbird, I always think their ‘black cap’ looks like they have on a toupee.  😉

The Gray Catbird isn’t just black and gray.  If you’re lucky, you’ll get a glimpse of its rusty-color feathers under its tail.


DSC_7005-1 32520

Gray Catbird displaying its rusty brown rump


I watched and photographed all the birds in that one sitting for almost an hour, hoping I’d capture this bird with some of the pink flowers of a Hong Kong orchid tree s/he was flying in and out.

Finally, a moment of its rest gave me the opportunity.


DSC_7095-1 32520

Gray Catbird in a Hong Kong Orchid Tree


There was another, much smaller bird I was trying to capture in this same tree.  Next post!


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