Red-shouldered Hawk

This Red-shouldered Hawk displayed nicely alongside Lower Wagonwheel Road, a dirt road I was following in Big Cypress National Preserve.


DSC_1264-1 21320

Red-shouldered Hawk


DSC_1280-1 21320

Red-shouldered Hawk


With no one else around and the looks I was getting, it was apparent I had interrupted his/her hunt.  The hawk took flight to the next tree, putting a little more distance between us.  Social distancing!


DSC_1281-1 21320

Red-shouldered Hawk


DSC_1282-1 21320

Red-shouldered Hawk


DSC_1283-1 21320

Red-shouldered Hawk


S/he went on with their hunt as did I for another bird!  🙂



40 thoughts on “Red-shouldered Hawk

  1. This Hawk is so gorgeous! Lovely colors and patterns, the eyes and sharp beak say ‘don’t mess with me’! I love your great use of the rule of thirds, Donna. 🥰

  2. I love these shots. 👍🏻 Hawks are amazing and majestic. I saw a similar hawk, red tailed hawk, that is. Are Red tailed Hawks related to Red Shouldered Hawk? Well, the one I saw was taunting Blue Jays in the trees, by swooping in the air. Great pictures, Donna❗️

    • Thank you, Al! They are separate species of hawks. I’ve never seen so many Red-shouldered Hawks as I have here. When I go back home north, I’ll see hundreds of the Red-tailed Hawk. 🙂

  3. Glad to see the social distancing happening! I think we have these guys here on occasion. Hope s/he had a successful hunt despite your interruption! 😀

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