Blue-headed Vireo

Luckily around me, there are so many remote areas and pull-offs in Everglades NP, 10,000 Islands NWR, and Big Cypress Preserve, that it is still easy to venture out and be the only person or one of a handful of others, so social distancing is not a problem.

I headed to 10,000 Islands NWR yesterday morning for some one-on-one with nature.  As soon as I crossed the ‘bridge’ to the walking path, movement occurred in the tree before me.

Into the tree’s shadows, I spotted this bird sporting bold white “spectacles”!

Welcome #204 to my bird lifer list, the Blue-headed Vireo!


DSC_7288-1 32620

Blue-headed Vireo with his wings tucked tight!


I was so thankful he turned around before taking off!


DSC_7290-1 32620

Blue-headed Vireo


I really did not do this bird’s beautiful coloring justice with its blueish-gray head, mossy green back, and greenish-yellow to white underparts.

Seeing this bird immediately put a ‘happy dance’ in my step as I ventured on to the path to see what else I could find!  😊



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