Everglades City

Situated between Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve along the Barron River, lies Everglades City, a remote fishing and crabbing town, with a resident population of approximately 400.


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If I heard the fishing boats coming in to unload their catch before sunrise, I had opportunities to photograph pretty reflections.  It would take them many hours to unload.  You can see the net full of fish in a couple of the photos.



Everglades City is known as the Stone Crab Capital of the World.

Stone crab pots and a dinner of stone crab claws


In the center of this small town, standing tall and prominent, is their “lifeline to the world” communication tower surrounded by three 1920’s historical buildings still standing after the many hurricanes that plummeted this town over the years.

DSC_7157-1 32520


We fell in love with this endearing, quirky small town, reminding us of home along Maryland’s Eastern Shore that has its share of quaint Chesapeake Bay fishing towns.


A photo gallery of some other things that caught my fancy in Everglades City.


Of course, I ended with a bird!



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