Great Egret – Reflections

Another one of my favorite hangouts was in the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park.  The strand’s forested canopy and dark waters were perfect for mirror reflections.

This Great Egret was an incredible opportunity for me.


DSC_2353-1 21620


DSC_2332-1 21620


DSC_2347-1 21620


DSC_2328-1 21620


DSC_2350-1 21620


DSC_2355-3 21620

Great Egret Reflections


46 thoughts on “Great Egret – Reflections

  1. Truly lovely egret poses and reflections, Donna. I also like the tannic Floridian waters and vegetation in there. It seems like you had to have been knee deep in the muck, which adds to the mystery. Fantastic!

    • Thank you, Jet! I felt like I was in a different world when inside this strand. I actually had a bank that I stood on here with trees around me and just waited for a possible wading bird to come along, which wasn’t too long usually. The herons & egrets knew they were safe here. No no no, I wouldn’t stand in any waters when I know things lurk in those dark waters, alligators were also plentiful in this area! 😉 Funny though, there were swamp walking tours you could take in this strand to hunt for the Ghost Orchids. (shiver….not me! lol)

  2. Donna, these are so beautiful, and a reminder as to why we photographers and nature lovers LOVE capturing scenes around calm water. I am still waiting for great egrets to return to our cove, and still waiting for glass-like water and low tides to capture our recently returned snowy egrets in reflections like you have shared.

  3. These birds, always amaze me because of the pure white plumage, totally clean, despite being in dark waters of a swamp.
    He was posing for you, Donna. Your shots are fantastic. 🙂

  4. They are some of the best reflections I have seen Donna. The water is perfectly still. Beautiful captures, though interesting it is not in breeding plumage yet, and it is your Spring.

    • Thank you, Ashley! It is such a gem of a location for reflections, I loved going to this spot. I took these photos back in middle February so that’s why it’s not in breeding plumage yet. I’m still going through lots of photos to share some of my special ones shot this past winter in Florida. 🙂

  5. These are fantastic photos Donna, they are such beautiful birds. I loved watching them stalk their food at the Wetlands.

  6. What perfect shots of these lovely birds. We used to have quite a few in the flooded fields around the town we lived in before now. We still have an occasional one that visits here along the creek somewhere. They are just so ELEGANT.

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