Off To See The Lizard

“Off to see the lizard…..”  (lyrics by Jimmy Buffett)

You can go just about any where in southwest Florida and see both Brown Anoles and Curlytail Lizards scurrying at your feet, or on door/window screens, trees, plants; you might even find one that slipped into your home!

Harmless, but they always did startle me each time I’d see one.

My hand at shots of these little 5-11″ prehistoric-looking critters the past couple months…..



And by the way, don’t try to catch one.  If you do, their tail might fall off; and it will keep wiggling!

This is actually its defense mechanism to attract the predator’s attention so the lizard itself can hopefully scurry away to safety.  And, yes, s/he will grow a new tail!  😊



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