Off To See The Lizard

“Off to see the lizard…..”  (lyrics by Jimmy Buffett)

You can go just about any where in southwest Florida and see both Brown Anoles and Curlytail Lizards scurrying at your feet, or on door/window screens, trees, plants; you might even find one that slipped into your home!

Harmless, but they always did startle me each time I’d see one.

My hand at shots of these little 5-11″ prehistoric-looking critters the past couple months…..



And by the way, don’t try to catch one.  If you do, their tail might fall off; and it will keep wiggling!

This is actually its defense mechanism to attract the predator’s attention so the lizard itself can hopefully scurry away to safety.  And, yes, s/he will grow a new tail!  😊



39 thoughts on “Off To See The Lizard

  1. Amazing creatures! Now, just imagine those, the size of dinosaurs! Good shots, Donna. 🙂

  2. Depends on how you look at them, they can be ugly or pretty. I like the tinge of blue under the eye of the Curlytail. Anything that moves that fast startles me, gives me the creeps.

  3. So ugly they are pretty! I remember my daughter’s years in Florida when she was in grad school at U of FL in Gainesville, then doing post-doc work in Tallahassee at Florida State – every time we visited her we saw anoles everywhere. Thanks for sharing and bringing back memories!

  4. What a lovely little Lizard Donna. Love that tail, it must be the little Fox Terrier version, though it sounds like more of a terror when it catches you by surprise. 🙂

  5. It only goes to show that what might be a common sight to you, is a new experience for others… So many thanks for sharing these beautiful little(?) creatures. Fabulous pictures as always. 😊

  6. “We’re off to see the lizard, the Wonderful Lizard of Oz…” Wait. What? 😄

    Handsome lizards. I’ve got little blue-tailed skinks all over the place. They like to hide under planters. When I lived in Texas, we would get these clear geckos on the kitchen window. The had fingers like tree frogs and you could see their insides. They would always get in the house. You would see them dart around in the corner of your eye. Quick little things. I’d find dead ones in door frames where they got squished. Dead, clear geckos make interesting art. 😆

  7. Oh, that curled tail is different! I didn’t see one when I was in FL and there were lots of little very fast lizards all over my Mom’s neighborhood. I need to go back! 😀

    I love your image of the Brown Anole! Well spotted and photographed, Donna!!

    • Thank you, Belinda! I will admit, most were taken while I was sitting on an Everglades NP’s bench seat. With an eye on my feet at the same time. I looked down once and one was moving towards my foot and was six inches away! I screamed and he took off like lightning! 😂

  8. There is something about their movement that causes a startle reaction in me. I can’t seem to get used to them, or snakes. Eric has to do ‘poop patrol’ in what I call the snake patch because of that. Luckily they seem to disappear in late fall, but they’re all back again now!!! EEEK!

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