Spring Birds in South Carolina


The warming days of Spring are bringing about the flurry of birds this past month.




40 thoughts on “Spring Birds in South Carolina

  1. Wow, Donna! You have been busy. What a great collection! My most unusual one was a visiting yellow warbler along our shore yesterday. He stood out like a beacon against the dark mud. Here today, gone tomorrow!

  2. Lovely collection of birds. Spring is the only that seems to be normal this year though it is still a bit cooler than normal up in Montreal but at least there are signs that Spring will show up. (Suzanne)

  3. Wow, what a good variety of birds!. We will be loosening our restrictions and opening up the parks, am hoping those bus trips I went on last year will be available this year, next month though with reduced seating.Stuck at home so far as I wait for person to do some work in the apartment, then I will be off to the great outdoors. Still do not feel comfortable taking public transit, but maybe in a couple of weeks bcause I want to go places to see the birds.

    • Thank you, Jane! I hope you’re able to get out real soon on those bus trips, just be as safe as you can. When you reach your destination, it’ll feel so much more like normal, out by yourself with nature and birds. I have been fortunate to be staying in remote areas where I can get out and not be around anyone.

  4. Great pics as always. We just saw our first Orchard Oriole ever, last week. New life bird. Too high in the canopy in cover to get a photo but awesome to see. 😊

    • Thank you, Lisa! Always a thrill to see a new lifer, congrats on the Orchard Oriole! I was trying to photograph one today, he so avoided my try that he succeeded too! πŸ˜‰

      • We got the American Flamingo the same day. It was incredible. There is one that has been at St Marks Wildlife Refuge near Tallahassee. It is believed it came in with Hurricane Michael. We finally got it. I’ll be posting about it soon. 😊

  5. Yikes. I missed this somehow. WordPress…*sigh*

    I love to hear the Finches chirp. Ditto Cardinals. We have a male that sits on the peak of the next door house and calls for his mate. He tickles me.

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