Killdeers and a Nest


For the past couple weeks, I’ve been watching a pair of Killdeer.


DSC_1818-1 51020



DSC_1034-1 5320



It took a few days before I walked into a specific area and suddenly had one of the Killdeers screaming at me, bobbing and running, then putting on their broken-wing display.  This is the Killdeer’s defense distraction, to feign injury to lure a predator’s attention to them and away from their nest.


Killdeer feigning injury to draw my attention


Killdeer use a scrape on the ground for their nest, sometimes in gravel.

I scanned the gravel along the shed nearby.


DSC_1287-1 5520

Do you see the nest and eggs?
(dead center)


DSC_1334-1 5520

Killdeer Eggs


While one incubates…..

Killdeer incubating eggs



the mate stays nearby, foraging and guarding their territory.



Killdeer eggs hatch in 22-28 days.  I am hoping to see and share little ones before they vacate the nest after birth.  They look like cotton balls on stilts!



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