Snowy Egret Having A Bad Hair Day


An early morning walk this past week along a berm of rocks, and this unexpectedly popped up before me!


DSC_1727-1 51020

Snowy Egret’s Bad Hair Day


As the Snowy Egret managed its wiggly snack, I stepped forward to hopefully get some of those rocks out of the frame.


DSC_1730-2 51020

Snowy Egret managing its wiggly snack in the wind


DSC_1733-1 51020

Oops!  Now the Snowy Egret sees me and quickly stands tall on alert.


I quickly looked away and stood still, waited a bit, and then looked back out the corner of my eye.  The egret was still there but had turned the other direction, no longer concerned with me.

There were more important things on its mind… washing that tasty snack!


Snowy Egret dipping/washing its crustacean meal in the water


No more photos to share in this series, which means…, I did not get the gulp!  Argh!!  😉



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