Baltimore Oriole (WooHoo!)


Not long after seeing the Red-headed Woodpecker in my last post, I saw a flash of flaming orange flying at the top of the trees, disappearing again behind another set the leaves.  Could it be?  Finally?

For sure, the challenge was on to capture this bird I’ve seen numerous times but has eluded my lens (and list) for years.

Yes!  Welcome to my photographed bird lifer list #207 Baltimore Oriole!


DSC_2658-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)



It actually took me until late yesterday to finally capture worthy photos of this handsome male.


DSC_2634-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)


I’ve not sighted the female, although I’ve heard her.  I believe she’s incubating on a nest hidden in a couple trees I’ve been eyeing.


DSC_2710-1 6320

Baltimore Oriole (male)


WooHoo!  Please join me in a ‘happy dance’!  💃 💃 💃



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