Fledglings Keeping Their Parents Busy


There are a lot of American Robins around us; and it has been great entertainment watching their fledglings hop around on the ground and take short flights trying out those new wings, all while waiting, looking for or following closely along one of their parents.



American Robin fledglings


The fledglings get impatient quickly.



American Robin fledglings getting vocal


I saw a different fledgling in the mix, begging an adult American Robin to feed it; but it was ignored.  I believe it is a European Starling fledgling, please correct me if I am wrong.


DSC_2516-1 6120

European Starling fledgling


I lost track of this little one, hopefully its parent arrived and scooted it off where it should have been.  Meanwhile, the juvenile robins continue to keep their parents on-the-go!



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