Herons of North America

We have six heron species in the United States.  While in Florida where they vast in numbers, I was able to photograph five of them with little difficulty, and I’m still going through my photos.

The one that eluded me during those three months was the adult Yellow-crowned Night Heron.  So I’ve included a photo courtesy of Eric Lipton to show for comparisons.

I thought a great way to share more heron photos would be to see them side-by-side in one post.

Do you know them by sight?




Sharing some shots in their habitats…..




As with many young birds, it gets a little trickier with some of the heron juveniles, especially the juvenile Little Blue Heron that is surprisingly all white.  I actually heard people ID it as a Snowy Egret on several occasions.  You can see the similarities (and differences) in the right photo below.


Little Blue Heron adult, juvenile and Snowy Egret comparison


Herons are fun to photograph and a favorite among many.  (And I still have heron photos to go through, so more to come I’m sure.  🙂 )



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