Palm Fronds Abstract

I love palm trees and took photos of many when in Florida this past winter.

For some reason, this next type of vision appealed to me.Β  It was this photo that made the ‘cut’ for what I was looking for, processed in B&W.


DSC_3038-1 21920


And now a little more fun with the photo.




37 thoughts on “Palm Fronds Abstract

  1. As you’d expect I love all the colour variations, especially the orange and the olive-green. The photo is really interesting, the interplay of all those lines!

  2. Have always enjoyed photographing abstracts in nature that capture the essence of the many varied forms, patterns, and textures. Especially like the simplicity and geometry of the B&W palm fronds composition. Nicely done!

    • Thank you, Steve! I took a lot of photos over time to get the abstract I was looking for, it was surprisingly not easy….including having a windless day along the breezy Florida coast.

  3. I like the detail and am most attracted to it in B/W, fushia, and green. Why don’t you take it even further, crop it more and try different filter effects. I know it would be fun for you..

    • Thank you, Jane! I took a Photography 101 community college course about eight years ago when I got my first digital camera and our teacher would tell us to “crop, crop, crop. And when we think we’ve cropped enough, go back and crop it even more.” Amazing what abstracts you can create with cropping! πŸ™‚

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