Canada Geese – With Something to Say


The pair of resident Canada Geese drinking in unison in my previous post are also featured in this one as well.  But this post shows what happened just prior to the drinking.

It was sweet, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose were taking a leisurely walk around the water, when a pair of newcomers dropped down from the sky and immediately started walking towards them.



The Newcomers              “The Showdown”            The Residents Mr & Mrs


The male resident goose quickly got loud and stern, letting the newcomers know this was his turf.  He’s so agitated, it even got the hair up on his neck.



The resident male Canada Goose letting the newcomers know they are not welcomed


The newcomers made a change in their walking direction towards and  into the water, leaving without incident or so much a squabble.

And residents, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose, continued their leisurely stroll, heading for that puddle of water to drink and celebrate in unison.



35 thoughts on “Canada Geese – With Something to Say

  1. They are really not someone you want to play with. Once I saw a male pushing the head of another underwater for a long time. But then, it was a territorial battle, of course.

  2. Yes, they are very territorial, I walked between to trees once and came between two pairs sparring. got out of there real fast lest they change their focus onto me! I saw two fly up and collide with each other mid air. They made a strong sound as their bodies connected, a demonstration that an attack could do some real damage. When one was “drowning” the other, was it possible that they were mating?

    • Most definitely don’t want to walk between a pair sparring. Glad you were quick to think, Jane! They are solid birds, for sure they can cause body damage to each other. The pair I saw fighting in the water was over a single female goose. But, yes, during mating it does look frightening to see the male trying to hold the female’s head up over the water with the head bite! 😲

  3. Geese are so funny. Though I didn’t think so when a domesticated goose attacked me when I was around 4. Strange how that’s one of the few memories I have from that age!

  4. Canada Geese are known for their aggression, especially to other water birds, where native species are affected, such as in Britain. You have captured their territorial stance well Donna.

  5. They can be fun to watch for sure. Great photo essay … I like your commentary! We don’t have an over-abundance of them here so they aren’t considered a nuisance like along the East Coast.

    • I watched this resident pair for many days, and boy could that male get loud when he wanted. He didn’t like another pair of geese within his vicinity. And for some reason they did stay away from him and his gal, going off to another area at a distance. I think it had something to do with ‘social distancing’. 😉

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