Canada Geese – With Something to Say


The pair of resident Canada Geese drinking in unison in my previous post are also featured in this one as well.  But this post shows what happened just prior to the drinking.

It was sweet, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose were taking a leisurely walk around the water, when a pair of newcomers dropped down from the sky and immediately started walking towards them.



The Newcomers              “The Showdown”            The Residents Mr & Mrs


The male resident goose quickly got loud and stern, letting the newcomers know this was his turf.  He’s so agitated, it even got the hair up on his neck.



The resident male Canada Goose letting the newcomers know they are not welcomed


The newcomers made a change in their walking direction towards and  into the water, leaving without incident or so much a squabble.

And residents, Mr & Mrs Canada Goose, continued their leisurely stroll, heading for that puddle of water to drink and celebrate in unison.



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