Tricolored Heron Takes A Bath


I love capturing bird behavior, including they’re taking time for a bath.

So how does a long-legged shorebird take a bath in shallow water?

This Tricolored Heron shows it’s not difficult!


DSC_1886-1 21620

Tricolored Heron squats down to begin a quick bath


DSC_1887-1 21620

Tricolored Heron swooshing its body in the water


DSC_1888-1 21620

Not getting those wings wet


DSC_1890-1 21620

Wingspread for balance standing back up


DSC_1891-2 21620

Tricolored Heron feeling more refreshed


Still not sure how they keep their white feathers so clean!Β  πŸ˜‰



29 thoughts on “Tricolored Heron Takes A Bath

  1. Detecting birds and animals behaviour is amuzing and teaching. It is quite strange that heron does not wet its wings! Love your heron bathing serie Donna!

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