Barn Swallows


I tried photographing Barn Swallows during a two-week period back in May.

They are quite the acrobats!  And quite the challenge!

Here are five shots I liked the best.


DSC_0297-1 5220

Barn Swallow


DSC_2054-1 51420

Barn Swallow


DSC_0978-1 5320

Barn Swallows


DSC_0335-1 5220

Barn Swallow


DSC_0255-1 5220

Barn Swallow collecting nesting materials


Barn Swallows are the most abundant and widely distributed swallow species in the world.   They breed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and winter in much of the Southern Hemisphere.



58 thoughts on “Barn Swallows

  1. I do not really know why, but sometimes these swallows look a little angry, especially compared to the usual house swallow. You have caught the swallows well when they do what they do best, flying fast and fetching material for their nestbuilding. Nice light!

  2. Nice pix, Donna! I love barn swallows, fantastic flyers that they are. Sadly, with the loss of many of our dairy farms (and barns) we are seeing a fraction of the numbers there were when I was a kid.

    • Thank you, Eliza! So sorry to hear you don’t see as many these days. I’m used to seeing them around water, where they reside under docks and boardwalks. They aren’t too pleased during breeding when you can’t help but walk ‘over’ their nests. Can’t blame them, lol.

  3. Awesome photos of this little cutie! I think our Welcome Swallows are like a sub species of these, and they fly so fast they are very difficult to photograph, but they are incredible to watch as they dart about madly catching insects on the fly. So well done on the first photo of a swallow mid flight. 🙂

  4. Lovely photos! We are looking forward to the first Barn Swallows to arrive here at the southern end of Africa in a couple of weeks time. They don’t look as pristine as the ones in your photos, after the long journey from Europe, but we are glad to see them as it means our summer is not far off

    • Thank you, Jane! I have a fun time with swallows. I think the two sitting together were chatting about me and my antics on trying to capture their flying buddies…. 😂

  5. Really nice to see flight photo of this fast bird, well done Donna! I have tried to capture it as well, but usually its wings are pointing down 😂 not like in your photos.

      • That’s interesting because the swallows we see most often at the beach are Tree Swallows but I had a Barn Swallow fly right over me on the boardwalk as we were hurriedly trying to get to the car as a lightning storm developed within a matter of a 1/2 hour. No photo. LOL!

        • I shot these that were nesting under a boardwalk along Sinepuxent Bay that is behind Assateague Island in Maryland. Just about wherever there are boat docks or boardwalks around the Chesapeake Bay region, there are Barn Swallows nesting. 🙂

          • Yeah, they are all over Texas too so when I go back home, I can see them under the eaves of restaurants and such. The Cliff Swallows are found out there under dams & bridges. Harder to see them here often like that. 🙂

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