A Mallard and A Lighthouse


Meandering along Lake Michigan’s coastline, there are numerous lighthouses along the way. We didn’t seek them out, but I did take photos if we stopped around them.  I liked this one, the bright red Charlevoix South Pierhead Lighthouse.  ‘Cuz red is my favorite color!


DSC_3049-1 82720

Charlevoix South Pierhead Lighthouse, Michigan


At a barrier of rocks near the base of the lighthouse, I had passed a young lady, a female Mallard, who was nervously watching the passerbys.


DSC_3044-1 82720

Female Mallard



After I finished with the lighthouse, I went back over to Ms. Mallard to find she had been able to calm down for a little snooze.

Such a beautiful, peaceful scene!


DSC_3072-1 82720

Female Mallard – Safe and Asleep



43 thoughts on “A Mallard and A Lighthouse

  1. Look how clear the water is!!! I love Lake Michigan. Michigan as a whole is a beautiful State. Great shot of the mallard. 💗

    • Thank you, Audrey! We had no idea how beautiful the water is here, and the diversity of the land with the hills/mountains and forests. I’ve been looking for Elk every day in our day trips! 🙂

    • Thank you, Deborah! I was tickled with these two subjects so easily accessible and with all the colors. I was super-happy the the Mallard had her speculum shining too. 😉

  2. Oh, those colours on the lighthouse are so brilliant against the equally brilliant blue sky! The paint looks so new and fresh. It is nice that it is warm enough for the young lady to relax and be soothed by the sun.

    • Thank you, Jane, I thought the same thing, the red was so rich and looked freshly painted. I was glad we came upon it late in the day, along with Ms. Mallard. She looked so peaceful, she made me smile.

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