A Mallard and A Lighthouse


Meandering along Lake Michigan’s coastline, there are numerous lighthouses along the way. We didn’t seek them out, but I did take photos if we stopped around them.  I liked this one, the bright red Charlevoix South Pierhead Lighthouse.  ‘Cuz red is my favorite color!


DSC_3049-1 82720

Charlevoix South Pierhead Lighthouse, Michigan


At a barrier of rocks near the base of the lighthouse, I had passed a young lady, a female Mallard, who was nervously watching the passerbys.


DSC_3044-1 82720

Female Mallard



After I finished with the lighthouse, I went back over to Ms. Mallard to find she had been able to calm down for a little snooze.

Such a beautiful, peaceful scene!


DSC_3072-1 82720

Female Mallard – Safe and Asleep



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