American Goldfinch

An American Goldfinch, looking a bit disheveled in his molting phase, was still a sunny sight to see a couple weeks ago.



American Goldfinch


Whew, he looks a lot like how I have these last couple weeks!  😅  Excuse my absence, we’ve traveled a 1,000 miles back to home, playing catch-up with everything, and preparing for our next trip heading south, to search for some warmth, with hopefully some birds and wildlife in the mix!


40 thoughts on “American Goldfinch

    • Thank you, Ashley, it’s been a tough year for everyone, and I am most thankful for our health and safety to date. The trip south we hope is the start of some traveling adventures we’ve dreamed for so long! 🙂

  1. Disheveled but still cute. 😁 So glad to see you here again. I have missed your posts but figured you were probably on the road, busy, or both.

  2. This photo is excellent! Bright, beautiful bird against a very lovely non-distracting background. Glad to have you back Donna! Looking forward to your photos during your travels.

  3. We had quite a few goldfinches visiting a feeder at a house we moved to in 1994, but then they seemed to disappear. The locals called them mountain canaries. It wasn’t until later that I realized they lose their bright yellow color in the off season! So much to learn with so little brain cells remaining… 😀

    • No……to your state for a few weeks. 😉 Outer Banks! Our plan was to retire and immediately travel for a few years, while trying to keep up with home. Son and daughter both do a lot for us so we can do this lifetime dream. Hopefully, we’re finally getting started!

      • Yay! I’m so jealous. I’d love to have a cool RV and just move around. Too cold? Go South. Too hot? Go North. Tired of the coast, head to the mountains. Parks. Monuments. Small towns. Restaurants (what few are left after this mess). Oddities. We have such a huge, glorious country, you could spend a lifetime finding something new. I still haven’t gotten over the smallest post office! LOL!

        You will just be required to share your adventures with those of us that are STUCK. ❤

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