A Northern Parula and Chanterelles


My first captures of Northern Parulas were back in January in Florida’s Everglades.  I had never seen this warbler in Maryland nor Delaware, although it does breed here.  Well, lo and behold, I saw a colorful flash in flight while in Delaware a week ago.


Northern Parula


The Northern Parula’s peak migration is September to mid-October; it spends the winter months in Florida’s Everglades, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Another cool sighting were these three bright chanterelle mushrooms.  Their texture and peppery flavor (some people describe as lightly fruity) makes them desirable by gourmet chefs.  (I did not disturb their beauty.)


Chanterelle Mushrooms


21 thoughts on “A Northern Parula and Chanterelles

  1. A beautiful little bird Donna, it is exciting to see a blur of colour that appears to be new to the eye, and then discover when it lands it is a lifer or at least a bird we seldom see. Mushies are a beautiful marvel of creation, as they seem to come up out of nowhere display their beauty and disappear just as easily.

  2. Cute bird. I’ve never heard of it.

    Speaking of mushrooms (lovely color, BTW…), I got some education on some I’d never heard of. I’m friends with a local farmer and he was talking about the Chicken of the Woods…big, orange things. His girlfriend spotted one last week and it was about 17 lbs. I can’t even imagine.

    I consume mushrooms everyday, either as a meal addition or as capsules for medicinal purposes.

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