Peregrine Falcon (Juvenile)

We’ve hit the road again for a few weeks and are now at the beautiful Outer Banks, the Atlantic Ocean barrier islands of North Carolina.

The northern half of the islands are highly populated and touristy.  We opted to go down the lower half to stay on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore where it is more remote, with the ever-changing raw beauty to explore.



While setting up our campground site, I had the pleasure of capturing this gorgeous juvenile Peregrine Falcon fly overhead.


DSC_3467-1 10520

Peregrine Falcon (juvenile)


My Outer Banks birding fun has begun! 


48 thoughts on “Peregrine Falcon (Juvenile)

  1. Have a great time Donna, stay safe too. I hope you guys won’t encounter any bad weather from what will be left of Hurricane Delta in a few days.

    • Thank you, Eliza! It is for sure beautiful here, especially the lower part of OBX. It’s been four years since our last visit, we can tell how the storms constantly change the land here. I hope you can visit one day!

  2. Great shot Donna, and love the look it gave you 🙂 We saw a Perigrine on our recent trip sitting in a wetland not far from a family of Sea=Eagles. Wetlands are great supermarkets for raptors.Enjoy your long awaited freedom to travel. I guess the long wait has made your longing all the greater to enjoy and appreciate God’s splendorous creation.

    • Thanks Tanja, we will. Yes, because we got ‘hung up’ in Indiana for so long, our entire summer trip plans got cancelled one by one, leaving Colorado Springs up in the air. A family medical emergency also occurred as well, so we felt we needed to go home. We are going to try again next summer!

      • That’s what I assumed, Donna. With everything going on, this is likely not the best time to be so far away from home.
        I hope your family emergency had a good ending.
        All the best,

  3. Can’t wait to see what else you’ll find or encounter. I’d definitely go for the more remote one, too!

    Stay well and safe! Wishing you more birds to add to the count!

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