Northern Parula Finds A Caterpillar


All alone, slowly walking….I could hear a tap..tap..tap..tap.  What is that?

I narrowed it down to the lower part of a bush, peering in with my lens. 

Perched on a branch, a female Northern Parula was in possession of a tasty meal and  slapping it back and forth against the branch.  I couldn’t believe I heard that.

Here’s a six-photo sequence of the action before my battery stopped.


DSC_4151-1 10620

Northern Parula (female)


DSC_4153-1 10620


DSC_4155-1 10620


DSC_4156-1 10620


DSC_4158-1 10620


DSC_4159-1 10620


Giving my battery time to catch up, I missed the ‘down the hatch’ shot, but here are my final two with the caterpillar all but gone.


DSC_4160-1 10620

“Caterpillar All But Gone”



DSC_4161-1 10620

“Aaaack”  or “Buuurp”


And just as quick, she was done and took flight to find another!



55 thoughts on “Northern Parula Finds A Caterpillar

  1. Perfectly delightful series, Donna. It’s always a treat to spot a northern parula, but then what an extra treat to find it hunting and eating that big caterpillar. Really terrific photos, thank you.

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