Two Plover Species


This post I’m sharing photographs of two plovers.

The first three photos are of Black-bellied Plovers. 


DSC_3770-1 10520

Black-bellied Plover looking at you (while a Willet refuses to)


Black-bellied Plovers are the largest and heaviest of the North American plovers.  They are also the hardiest, breeding farthest north, all the way to the very top of the world. 

After breeding season is over, the Black-bellied Plovers we see migrate down through Canada and the U.S. to their wintering grounds in the Caribbean and northern South America.

These here have already flown thousands of miles and still have a ways to go!


DSC_4007-1 10620

Black-bellied Plovers


DSC_4015-1 10620

Black-bellied Plovers


The next two photos are of another more familiar plover, the Killdeer.


DSC_4621-1 10720



Killdeer are found across much of the U.S. and Canada.  Killdeer are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. 


DSC_4614-1 10720



A secret!  I photographed the above Killdeer standing in a puddle of water in a marina parking lot.  😉


59 thoughts on “Two Plover Species

    • The BBPs change drastically from breeding plumage to non-breeding, losing that stark black belly. Amazing transformation! I love watching Killdeer too, they are cute and comical.

    • Thank you, Ashley! Wouldn’t you know it, I saw (and took photos of course) Semipalmated Plovers in a campsite near ours couple hours ago, of course, after I posted “Plovers”. 😉

  1. I never realized killdeer were plovers. I have always had a hard time identifying the shorebirds … there’s so many! I appreciate the education. I’m better at the more common song and woodland birds.

      • I’ll raise you 18 Quail running around the back yard… (I’m amazed at how many seem to have survived from the babies we saw in the spring.)

  2. Wonderful photos, Donna. The first would be a life bird for me, Donna, the second I encounter nearly year-round. I often forget that killdeer are plovers, too. We do see Mountain Plovers on occasion, but other than the killdeer, the rest of them are rare in the area.

  3. Lovely pictures!
    For a moment there I thought you found the Killdeer near the ocean, and wondered how? (considering I was scrolling down from the plover photos)
    Very cleverly framed pictures 😀

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