Other Wildlife at OBX


I do have a passion for birds, but I also love and enjoy photographing all wildlife, great and small.

Here’s some of what I’ve happened upon during my walks at Pea Island NWR and along Cape Hatteras National Seashore.



DSC_3648-1 10520


DSC_4907-1 101320

Moon Jellyfish

DSC_4997-1 101320

Cannonball Jellyfish


If you missed my post on another jellyfish, Blue Buttons, click here, they were gorgeous!

DSC_3605-1 10520

Gulf Fritillary



DSC_3611-1 10520

Gulf Fritillary


DSC_4248-1 10620

Black Racer


DSC_4258-1 10620

Black Racer


As I headed to an observation deck at Pea Island NWR, a female White-tailed deer came out of the brush.  She stayed ahead of me, walking a little, then stopping to see where I was.  I followed, and stopped when she did.

I felt like I was playing the children’s game, “Red Light, Green Light”!  😅


DSC_3742-1 10620

“Red Light”


DSC_3745-1 10620

“Green Light”


DSC_3754-1 10620

“Red Light”


DSC_3798-1 10620

“Green Light”


DSC_3806-1 10620

“Red Light”


We continued our game, all the way to the observation deck.

Okay, now I’m wondering if she’s going to walk up on the deck.  🤔


DSC_3827-1 10620

White-tailed Deer & Pea Island Observation Deck


I wasn’t sure what to do.  She waited there several minutes and then turned to her left and started walking away.  I continued to and up on the observation deck and saw her heading away, with a glance back at me several times.


DSC_3844-1 10620



I’ve never been escorted to an observation deck by a deer before!  😊


“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” — John Muir


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