Other Wildlife at OBX


I do have a passion for birds, but I also love and enjoy photographing all wildlife, great and small.

Here’s some of what I’ve happened upon during my walks at Pea Island NWR and along Cape Hatteras National Seashore.



DSC_3648-1 10520


DSC_4907-1 101320

Moon Jellyfish

DSC_4997-1 101320

Cannonball Jellyfish


If you missed my post on another jellyfish, Blue Buttons, click here, they were gorgeous!

DSC_3605-1 10520

Gulf Fritillary



DSC_3611-1 10520

Gulf Fritillary


DSC_4248-1 10620

Black Racer


DSC_4258-1 10620

Black Racer


As I headed to an observation deck at Pea Island NWR, a female White-tailed deer came out of the brush.  She stayed ahead of me, walking a little, then stopping to see where I was.  I followed, and stopped when she did.

I felt like I was playing the children’s game, “Red Light, Green Light”!  😅


DSC_3742-1 10620

“Red Light”


DSC_3745-1 10620

“Green Light”


DSC_3754-1 10620

“Red Light”


DSC_3798-1 10620

“Green Light”


DSC_3806-1 10620

“Red Light”


We continued our game, all the way to the observation deck.

Okay, now I’m wondering if she’s going to walk up on the deck.  🤔


DSC_3827-1 10620

White-tailed Deer & Pea Island Observation Deck


I wasn’t sure what to do.  She waited there several minutes and then turned to her left and started walking away.  I continued to and up on the observation deck and saw her heading away, with a glance back at me several times.


DSC_3844-1 10620



I’ve never been escorted to an observation deck by a deer before!  😊


“Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.” — John Muir


54 thoughts on “Other Wildlife at OBX

  1. Donna, I really enjoy your examples of macro photography. The “green light, red light” with the deer is precious. I have been blessed with playing the same game with a few white-tails in my walks at a couple of nature parks nearby.

  2. A perfectly glorious post, Donna. thanks for the wonderful photos of all the creatures in your midst. I espec. like that handsome grasshopper and long shiny racer. The “Red Light Green Light” game with the white-tailed deer was a fantastic series, and how enchanting it must’ve been to experience. I also enjoyed the jellyfish, and had missed the Bluebuttons, so all were a great treat.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Jet, as you and Athena, I am in awe of it all, great or small. 🙂 It was a special treat to play with the doe, although I did worry she was going to go up the ramp to the deck, lol. I had a Great Blue Heron do that to me down in the Everglades, walked ahead of me up the ramp. It finally flew up on the handrail and I ended up walking by it (looking away), and it stayed put. hehe

  3. All great images but the Gulf Fritillary is my favorite. I have a soft spot for macros and butterflies are not easy to photograph. Nicely done! 😊👏

    • Thank you, Mike! No the snake isn’t poisonous, but I did see that snake on two different days in the same area (so I figured it was the same one). I know I paid more attention to where I was walking after spotting it the first time. Nah, not near as dangerous as a glacier! 😉

  4. Great series of excellent photos, Donna.
    I think you are a real deer “whisperer”. No? It wouldn’t surprise me. 🙂 🦌

  5. Donna these are all wonderful pictures. I love the interaction with the deer. I wish I could interact in that way with our regular great blue herons. They seem to be okay with our presence, up to a point, but I’ve never been able to ‘commune’ with them. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

    • Thank you, Susan! Funny thing, when we were down in the Everglades this past winter, I had a GBH walk ahead of me, and then up a boardwalk ramp to an observation deck. Be sure, it was a slow walk, lol, they don’t move fast. S/he finally flew up to the handrail and I walked up the same ramp and right by it standing there. What a crazy experience that was!! 😅

  6. Love your macro of the grasshopper Donna, and the other wonderful captures. The deer provided some lovely moments for you, with a little intrigue. Loved your picture story.

  7. Love the deer playing red light green light! What a special moment. I loved your John Muir quote, too, he has some wonderful insights.

  8. Deer or any other animal can recognize when another animal is looking at it. We can do that as well. You can tell If someone is staring right at you even If they are hundreds of metres away!
    Having a animal stare at you makes you uncomfortable because that’s exactly what happens just before they attack!

    So If you want to get closer to an animal do not walk towards It and do not look at it. Make your route random with only occasional glimpses at the animal your wanting to take shots of. Some wildlife photographers wear mosquito masks to cover the eyes,nose and mouth.
    If you see the same animal day after day,It will accept you as not being a predator and so relax more so.
    Even doing that some are just naturally very skittish no matter what you do.
    I like your shots Donna.

    • We have more eyes on us than we know whenever we roam! Oh, I know well the drill with approaching wildlife, I’ve been photographing wildlife for over ten years, some on a daily basis for a whole season. 🙂 I wasn’t trying to approach the deer, I wanted to go to the observation deck; and it came out in front of me on the trail. It was an enjoyable moment!

    • Thank you, Vic! Oh boy, I imagine even the snakes have ventured further out with less humans about in their territories. 😲 Glad you weren’t bitten. There were signs along a boardwalk at Bodie Lighthouse that stated to stay on the boardwalk due to poisonous snakes below (I didn’t see any). But that was somewhere else than where I saw this racer snake. I did keep my eyes out everywhere I walked though and didn’t walk through tall grasses!

      • I’d never laid eyes on a real Copperhead in my life and, this year, I’ve literally stumbled across two. The good news is, they weren’t too startled by me. They just looked at me and then buggered on off.

        The first time, I wasn’t sure what kind of snake I was looking at. I took pix and came home to find out. Even Ken wasn’t sure. A local dog breeder on FB told us…”Yep. That is a young Copperhead. They are deadlier than the full grown ones.” OY. Yeah. Glad he/she was in a good mood.

        The second one, my buddy Ray was closer to but, it was warming itself on the Riverwalk part in our local family/dog park. There are a LOT of children & walkers in that area. It was another small one…and just as uninterested in us as the one I found in town on the road in front of someone’s house.

        Two in less than six months and none in my life, prior. OY! 😳😖

    • Thank you very much, Barbara! I’m began to see more and more gulf fritillarys and have been working on them some more. They really are a tease, lol, just like the deer. Having fun with wildlife can really make us feel happy! 😊

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