American Golden-Plover at Oregon Inlet, NC


We’ve enjoyed being at the boat docks late day at Oregon Inlet to watch the off-shore charter boats return with their catch.

I would also watch and photograph the Brown Pelicans, Boat-tailed Grackles, and Killdeer that hung around there too.

But, I was really looking for a specific bird.  Sightings had been confirmed an American Golden-Plover was seen at the marina.  But I never did find it, and soon sightings were no longer reported on eBird.  I was disappointed I missed this plover’s rare appearance.

Almost two weeks had passed.  I was at Pea Island NWR when I got a tip from another birder that the American Golden-Plover was back at Oregon Inlet, she had just seen it there a short while ago.

I was ten minutes away.  Off I went!  I pulled into the marina’s parking lot and went to the area she mentioned; and bingo, there it was, foraging in a large grassy area just as she said, all alone.  I photographed the plover from my car so I wouldn’t scare it off. 

Welcome to my bird lifer list, #214 American Golden-Plover!  💃


DSC_6464-1 101520

American Golden-Plover


DSC_6499-1 101520

American Golden-Plover


This plover is considered one of the fastest fliers among shorebirds.  No doubt, as it migrates every year from Arctic Alaska and Canada to southern South America, a very long distance.

It is most common for the American Golden-Plover to do a circular migration, migrating in the fall down the East coast of North America, flying offshore nonstop and returning in the spring up through the heartland of our continent via the Great Plains and the Mississippi Valley. 

This one must have needed a break on its nonstop flight south!


DSC_6519-1 101520

American Golden-Plover


DSC_6529-1 101520

American Golden-Plover


DSC_6470-1 101520

American Golden-Plover


Back to the fishing boats.  For those of you who love fishing, here’s a few photos I also shot while hanging around the marina.



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