Spooky Tree


I saw this tree this past Spring and have been saving it for Halloween. 

Two crops, I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. 


DSC_0192-1 42820

Spooky Tree


DSC_0192-2 42820

“Come Here, So I Can Tell You Something”


Seemed appropriate for the day!


(Sorry for another absent from blogging and reading blogs.  We left Outer Banks and drove 1,000 miles to Gulf Shores, Alabama, which after a beautiful week there, Hurricane Zeta decided to head towards there as well…..   Soooo, we left Alabama and drove 600 miles to get out of harm’s way, to Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte, Florida. Whew!  I’ll be back in couple days, catching up with my Outer Banks photos, and more…..I haven’t stopped taking photos!)


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