A Willing Willet


I had a fun time with this Willet as it ran the water’s edge, hunting for a crustacean in the wet sand to eat.


DSC_4979-1 101320

“Willet On The Run”


DSC_4914-1 101320

“Run Willet Run”


DSC_4976-1 101320

“My Shadow”


DSC_4967-1 101320

“Long Legs and Long Toes”


DSC_4979-2 101320

“Smiling for the Camera”


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“Crustacean Down the Hatch”


DSC_5035-2 101320

“A Perfect Pose”


Always rewarding when you have a willing Willet performing a photo shoot!

Cool fact:Ā  Although both parents incubate the eggs, only the male Willet spends the night on the nest.


53 thoughts on “A Willing Willet

    • Thanks Jane! There is a subspecies of the Willet, there’s an Eastern and a Western. In non-breeding plumage, I believe these are Westerns because of the duller overall grays, the Easterns have a bit more markings. But I wasn’t totally sure. šŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Barbara, this was indeed a fun photo shoot. Sitting in a beach chair some of the time, while s/he scurried in front of me, doesn’t get much better than that! hehe

  1. Stupendous shooting as always!

    Arcata CA has a Godwit Festival in the spring. It’s where I caught my first murmuration of godwits on video. It was a blast! šŸ˜Š

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