Great Blue Heron


I headed down a dirt road trail on Bodie Island for the first time and passed an oncomin in tow.  “Not much back there, just a Great Blue.” 

I was okay with that.  I hadn’t seen any Great Blue Herons except at a distance since arriving at the Outer Banks.  


DSC_3883-1 10620

A distant Great Blue Heron and Great Egret at Pea Island NWR


So I continued on to the end, and there it was.


DSC_6594-2 101520

Great Blue Heron fishing


DSC_6595-2 101520

A fish strike is a miss…..


And then I was spotted.


DSC_6580-1 101520

Great Blue Heron closeup


DSC_6599-1 101520

Great Blue Heron on alert


And with those last two shots, I gave a nice thank you and left, letting the heron get back to its peaceful fishing.



45 thoughts on “Great Blue Heron

  1. I just love those birds. I see them in CT, VA, NC and FL. Not sure if they migrate or if they are up north year round. 🤔 I’ll have to do little investigating. Great pictures though.

    • Thanks, Ashley, yes, when that neck gets full-on straight, they feel a threat. It was a long way back to my car, and I passed no one headed his way, so I think the GBH was pretty pleased with the privacy he had after I left! 🙂

    • Thank you, Susanne, your comments made me smile! I try to show action or behavior in my birds and wildlife photos, sometimes close-ups, even of feet and legs if I can. 🙂

  2. Tom (Mr T) calls the GBHs Mr Grumpy! And, indeed they can look that way, but those feathers are so beautiful! Great catch. 🤗

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