Great Blue Buddy


My last post of a sunset and cloud reflections also shared my daily late afternoon/evening visitor, a Great Blue Heron, hanging at the pond alongside our little fishing pier perch.


DSC_6850-1 102420

My Great Blue Heron Buddy


DSC_6891-1 102420

Foraging the water, snatching a frog


DSC_6893-1 102420

“Look quick, take a photo!”


DSC_6899-1 102420



Boy, s/he really didn’t give me much time before the gulps!ย  ๐Ÿ˜‰ย 

Golden hour shots…….


DSC_6984-1 102420

Great Blue Heron at Golden Hour


We both kept our eye out for the alligators hiding in the waters around us.


DSC_6987-1 102420


Here he comes……


DSC_7020-2 102420

King of the Pond


DSC_6993-1 102420

“I see you, Mr Alligator”


As the sun went down each evening, the barrage of bugs eventually forced me inside.ย  I hoped my buddy continued to keep track of those alligators before leaving for its night’s sleeping grounds!



46 thoughts on “Great Blue Buddy

  1. Always love the warm glow of sunset on the birds Donna. It reminds me of holidaying up the top end of Australia when you have to constantly keep an eye out for crocs, I guess it is no different for gators.

    • I love that warm glow on birds too, Ashley. There are a lot of alligators in our U.S. southeast, and we do have to keep our eyes out too, along with venomous snakes. No different!!

  2. Wonderful photos, Donna. It’s always fun to see a heron catch and gulp and meal. Those with the golden glow are especially nice, and the gator rippling through the lit water.

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