Cloud Reflections


Talk about arriving to an awesome RV site in Orange Beach, Alabama.  Ours included a fishing pier over a small pond where I had the perfect perch with my camera.


I know, ridiculous….but cool!


One evening’s sunset afforded a spectacular light-up and reflection of the eastern clouds high in the sky.

Notice, if you will, someone else enjoying this view alongside me on my perch.


DSC_4157-1 102420

Final minutes before sunset, Great Blue Heron


DSC_4171-1 102420

seven minutes later, the sunset


DSC_4175-1 102420

five more minutes


DSC_4180-1 102420

seven more minutes


Although we were to stay at this RV resort for several weeks, on our 5th day we had to pack back up and hit the road, to get out of the path of category 2 Hurricane Zeta.  I have a few posts forthcoming to share from Alabama, and I still miss that fishing balcony perch!

Having relocated a week now in Port Charlotte, Florida, wouldn’t you know it, today we were issued the warning for Tropical Storm Eta.  Because of its unpredictable wide cone path, we decided to stay put 15 miles inland and ride it out instead of trying to outrun and predict what it will do.  Hoping we made the right decision.

Lesson learned for sure.  No more scheduled coastal camping in the fall in the U.S. southeast!


71 thoughts on “Cloud Reflections

  1. Hope you ride out Tropical Storm Eta without too much trouble. What a year it’s been for hurricane activity. Those clouds made for a beautiful sunset and having it reflected in the water was the icing on the cake!

    • Thank you, Barbara, it was awesome to watch the changes after the sun had gone down. TS Eta looks to have turned north/northwest, which is good for us. I’m so glad, last night’s gusty 35-40 mph winds rocking the motorhome were not enjoyed, lol. It’s mid-morning now, winds are down to 25+ with bands of heavy rains. I’ll take it!

  2. Looks to have been a great spot, too bad about the move. It’s a no win for you. This year the storms have just kept coming…except Charleston. The first time in 5 years we have not been hit with anything. RV’s need to be equipped with a crystal ball, at the least a Magic Eight Ball.

  3. All I can say is Wow, what a place to camp, that has to be the best spot I have seen to have your RV at, the reflections in the water and a Blue Heron comes by in the evening. Just gorgeous. Good thing you were able to leave though before the hurricane. Wonderful photos. 🙂

    • Thank you, Sandra! I still miss that site! 🙂 We really hated to pack up and leave but 40-50 mph winds were predicted. The whole park ended up leaving the morning we did. I’m guessing you’ve felt Mother Nature’s fury in your RV too. Definitely not fun rocking in an RV in a storm. 😧

  4. You have some of the most gorgeous sunset pictures I have ever seen. You should produce calendars or something.

    We are having a banner hurricane year. As soon as I read Alabama, I thought “Oh, boy…” Florida & the Gulf keep getting hit. And, for the season to be so active, it’s odd that NC hasn’t gotten more direct hits instead of backdoor after showers.

    • It was, even the GBH was still there but the shot I wanted to use missed him. 😧 He was a good buddy for a few evenings. 😊

      Well, now TS Eta has stalled in the Gulf of Mexico, and they aren’t sure what it is going to do. It has turned again and headed southwest of us. Hopefully, it falls apart and hits no one.

        • Ugh. Darn Eta reversed course and came back at us, going to make landfall about 70-80 miles north of us tonight with 60 mph winds. We’ve been in rain/wind bands all day 25-40mph with gusts into 60s. It is still 25-35 mph winds, gusting in the 40s. It went to a hurricane early this afternoon but now back to tropical storm, it’s loosing strength, thank goodness! We’ve been safe, just not fun feeling the motorhome rock in the wind. 😧 The resort here has a clubhouse, we could have gone to it if we needed but didn’t feel it necessary.

  5. Such beautiful photos! I find it so fascinating that we were both in Orange Beach at the same time! And oh my gosh I hope are ok with Eta! Wow, what a crazy year. I look forward to seeing more of your photos Donna! 😊

    • Thank you, Lisa! That was such a coincidence! We’re good with Eta, looks like everyone may be spared, Eta ventured west out to the Gulf and is weakening, thank goodness! Yes, a really crazy crazy year!

  6. Utterly gorgeous series. The reflections and the sunset are magical. Once again I’m falling behind… may have to jump ahead to make sure those hurricanes haven’t created any headaches!

    • Thank you, Gunta! No worries! The hurricane did an about face and came back at us, but veered northeast and made landfall about 80 miles north of us. We had 30-45 mph winds for over 24 hrs, the 50-60 mph gusts is what made me anxious. We actually made out fine, thankfully!!

      • Good to hear you didn’t get hit by the hurricane. I have friends who made it through hurricane force winds here on the coast in a motor home. It sounded pretty thrilling! 💨

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