Dragonfly in Flight


This Common Green Darner kept buzzing around me, then it would hover about six feet from me.  Then take off and come right back and hover.

Too tempting!  Yes, I spent several minutes trying to photograph it.  Out of oh-so many, I scored five photos of this large 3-5″ dragonfly.

I’m sharing all five, showing the different displays of its wings caught in the shots.  Pretty cool!


DSC_7075-1 102520

Hovering Green Darner (male) #01


DSC_7082-1 102520

Hovering Green Darner (male) #02


DSC_7088-1 102520

Hovering Green Darner (male) #03


DSC_7092-1 102520

Hovering Green Darner (male) #04


DSC_7089-1 102520

Hovering Green Darner (male) #05


51 thoughts on “Dragonfly in Flight

    • Thank you very much, Brian! It really did seem like that dragonfly was watching me and he hovered so ‘still-like’! He teased me enough to get me out of my chair, lol. 😉

  1. Oh what a lovely series, Donna, and great up-close looks at the green darner. Dragonflies are nearly impossible to photograph, ever-moving and so fast, so this was a real treat. When I saw it in The Reader I whispered, “Oh wow.”

    • Thank you very much, Jet! I’ve never had the success with dragonflies in flight like this. It really felt like this fella was curiously checking me out and hovered so perfectly. It was a pretty unique moment and then he was gone!

    • Thank you very much, Eliza, including sharing the slow-mo video, that was fabulous!! I knew that each wing moved independently to hover but seeing it in slow-mo was pretty amazing. Sometimes they hover while eating a meal, but my fella wasn’t nibbling on anything, I checked for that. Cool moment for me!

  2. One of the largest, great captures! I have grown to appreciate them for the past few years, once I started to see their beautiful markings and colours, even trying to I.D. the ones I see. How could I not like them, they eat mosquitos!

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