Things That Fly…..Or Not


Finishing up Alabama with this post, so I can get to what I’ve been shooting in Florida in the next one.Β  πŸ™‚

Having less than a week in Alabama and then skedaddling out of there for an impending hurricane, I didn’t get much of a chance to explore for birds except from our camp site.

When we ventured out, we were on our bikes exploring Gulf State Park’s 28-mile complex pavement and boardwalk bike/pedestrian paths connected to our camp resort.Β  Hard to photograph a bird going 5-6 mph!


Gulf State Park, Alabama
28 miles of entwining paths through 7 distinctive ecosystems


I only carried my wide angle camera on the bike trips.Β  Stopped one instance to wait for hubby and saw a Rough Green snake in the tree next to me.Β  This is a heavy crop; I was standing back, way back!


DSC_4183-1 102520

Rough Green snake (look for neon green ‘rope’)


I came to a sudden stop when this Ribbon snake was laying across our bike path.


DSC_4208-1 102520

Ribbon snake


One other snake seen but no photo.  More than gators to watch out for, huh?!!  😲

And now my ‘things that fly’ photos.Β  There was an Osprey nearby, loved hearing it call out every day from the air or a tower, warning fly-bys to stay away.


DSC_7159-2 102620

Osprey chasing below Bald Eagle away


DSC_7181-1 102620

Immature Bald Eagle staying ahead of the Osprey


Gulf Fritillary


DSC_6940-2 102420



DSC_7110-1 102520

Great Egret


DSC_7123-1 102620

Osprey at Sunset



48 thoughts on “Things That Fly…..Or Not

    • Thanks Barbara! We definitely want to return just because of the trails. I just know there’s some real good spots in that complex for some pretty awesome sights and sounds! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Deborah! Yes, we have Pedego e-bikes. They have assist controls from no help ‘0’ to full assist ‘5’. Then there’s full throttle when you need to get going or get out of the way, lol. I use ‘0’ in the beginning but never go past ‘1’. It’s just the right ‘bump-assist’ to keep me going. Our bikes will go 50 miles on one charge. We’ve had them since January and have enjoyed them immensely. I had a total knee replacement 3.5 years ago, it’s been perfect for my knee rehab and our way of being out in the depths of nature. Hubby’s knees love it too!

      Yes, if you try one, you will want one. But, oh, think of the remote nature distances you can go!! πŸ˜‰

  1. Great flight shots Donna, looks like a really interesting area to explore. Your electric assisted bikes would be a wonderful for your day trip explorations especially recovering from your past surgery. Glad you escaped the hurricane my friend. It is lovely to see you both enjoying this time in your life πŸ™‚

    • Thank you very much, Ashley! I love my little red bike. 😊 We are enjoying ourselves during these crazy times. It’s disappointing to explore new areas and drive by some cool little shops and so many awesome restaurants and not stop. Everything is opened, but cases are on the rise. We’re keeping to ourselves. πŸ™‚

  2. I was reading how these bikes are good for post-knee surgery. I am happy to hear that. Fantastic boardwalks to ride along. I think it is in your destiny to have Ospreys in your life.Great that you got to see the immature bald eagle and snakes, too.

    • Thank you, Eliza! Yes, actually one of the ecosystems is a scrub. I was wrong, going to go fix my post, there are nine (not seven) ecosystems within the 28 mile web of trails. They are:
      Evergreen Forests
      Pine Savannas
      Maritime Forests
      Dune Ridges / Sand Scrub habitats
      Fresh and Salt Marshes
      Freshwater and Brackish Lakes
      Coastal Swales
      The Beach and Gulf
      We most definitely want to return to explore this region. It is considered one of the best biking trail systems in Alabama.

  3. That looks like a terrific place to explore!

    Wonderful collection of photographs, Donna. I really like all those birds-in-flight, but the snakes are beautiful, too.

    I’m researching that spot in hopes of a camping trip soon!

    • Thank you, Wally! We really do want to return, we still had so many paths to explore. I was still trying to figure out some good ‘photo’ spots for planned returns with my cameras to stay put for a bit to see what happened. Next time! πŸ™‚

  4. Will I ever catch up. Snakes and alligators… despite a plethora of birds, I think maybe I’ll pass! 😦
    Your killdeer shot made me realize I don’t think I’ve ever seen one flying! πŸ€”

    • There was a lake in the camp resort we’re in in Florida where a 5′ alligator lives. I saw it a few times laying on the grass on one of the camp sites along the lake that had an RV in the site. Like 30′ from their RV door! 😲 We were glad we weren’t parked over there.

  5. The Gulf State Park looks very inviting – especially with the beach/ocean in the background πŸ™‚
    Had never heard of it before & your photos make me want to visit!

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