Twisting Beauty


Florida becomes a birder’s paradise as the migrations arrive to spend their winters here or pass through to go even further south.  It’s been exciting the past couple weeks to see all the herons, egrets, storks, pelicans, and more!

I’m excited to share this series.  It’s one of those shoots we dream of with bird photography….capturing one preening its feathers.

When I saw this stunning Tricolored Heron grooming at the top of a tree, my adrenaline started pumping.  I quickly forgot what I was focused on, as it was all about the heron now.


DSC_8320-1 111420

Tricolored Heron preening….


DSC_8323-1 111420

One feather at a time….


DSC_8325-1 111420

Each one to its full length….


DSC_8327-1 111420

Quick check on surroundings….


DSC_8331-1 111420

Back to preening….


Of course, eventually I was ‘made’…..


DSC_8332-2 111420

Tricolored Heron


That was my sign.  After that last photo, I bid adieu with a huge thank you to the heron, s/he made my day!  After walking away, I looked back and was happy to see the heron continuing it’s late morning grooming.


59 thoughts on “Twisting Beauty

    • Thank you, Hans! After all these years, there are times like these that I still have to tell myself, calm down and stay steady, when the adrenaline starts pumping. And then I do…..until the end and I’m done. Then the fret begins, did I succeed? I love it!! 😉

  1. What a beautiful set of pictures of the tricolored heron preening! And perfectly framed in the branches of the tree. You couldn’t have requested a better set-up. So exciting!

  2. Lovely captures of the preening process Donna, it is a beautiful bird no doubt. I find it interesting that the preening gland is always at the rear of the bird and that they have to twist their necks so much to get to it, and then to preen their primaries.

    • The past winter in Florida, I found a whole new love for this beautiful heron. 😊 We don’t have them at home, maybe a sighting or so here or there. I am enjoying the Florida birds…..but it’ll be time to go home end of the week and get back to play ‘catch-up’ and figure out how we’re going to do the family holidays this year. That last part is so disheartening…..I don’t think it’s going to go well. 😞

  3. how beautiful photographs, colours fascinated me. Thank you dear Donna, I missed and wondered our Herons… I don’t know what happened to them… I am not in the city now. Love, nia

      • No they are not disappeared, they are probably there still, I mean in the city around my apartment but I am not in the city, I am in the village so I can’t watch them. Welcome and Thank you, Love, nia

  4. Stunning! Marvelous! I don’t have words for this beauty and your skill in capturing it! (and the consideration to withdraw when spotted!)

  5. WOW. Just WOW. Amazing photos, Donna! You are getting our spring and summer birds! I’m jealous and miss them already!

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