Little Blue Herons


Hello!  My oh my, where has the time gone?  Since my last post, we returned home for the Thanksgiving holiday, and there’s been so much to do, I haven’t had any time to blog nor read blogs.  A new laptop was waiting for my return (yay!), but the transfer and incompatibility with some of my old programs has caused major headaches and lots of down time.  Ugh.

So, finally, I think I’m back up and running for the most part.  I hope everyone is continuing to do well during these still difficult times.  To stay safe, we ended up canceling our big Thanksgiving family dinner and opted for a quiet one.

I didn’t have a chance to do any birding since arriving home, so I’m going to continue to share photos from last month in Florida. 

These are Little Blue Herons.  As an adult, they are a dark slate-blue with a purple/maroon head.   However, as a juvenile, they are entirely white.  They transform during their immature molting stage looking like a patchwork of white and blue.  Little Blue Herons are excellent stalkers!



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