Gray Gallery


They may be gray in coloring, but their beauty is still striking.  Here’s a gallery of five gray birds I recently shot in Port Charlotte while out and about. 





49 thoughts on “Gray Gallery

  1. Great shots! I don’t think we have ever seen a loggerhead shrike. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful as usual, Donna! Gray Catbird is one of my favorites, and what a find with the Loggerhead Shrike! Gorgeous! ~ Sheila

  3. So beautiful grey birds, Donna! I checked do we have the Loggerhead Shrike in Finland. No we don’t have it but we have quite similar one Great Grey Shrike / Lanius excubitor. Shrikes are not very common, I have seen it only ones.

  4. Isn’t amazing that although all these birds are “gray” they are so different in coloration!

    As I keep telling myself each time I look in the mirror, “gray is beautiful, gray is beautiful”. 🙂
    Of course, pretty soon, that gray will be white. Sigh.

    Great photographs, Donna!

    • Thank you, Wally! Today gray is the new color in paints, so these guys fit right in! 😉 I’m trying to embrace gray but haven’t given in just yet, although this darn covid virus is trying to make me. 😅

  5. Fantastic photos in the Gray Gallery, Donna. I espec. like your photo of the loggerhead shrike, you were able to define the hooked bill so well. Great gallery, thanks so much.

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