Birds Camping With Me – Part 1


This is a two-part series, sharing a gallery of birds, all captured within the campground we stayed at last month in Port Charlotte.

Part 1 is for the smaller ones.  More on the cute and adorable side.



Birds Camping With Me – Part 2 will be the larger, majestic birds.  🙂


23 thoughts on “Birds Camping With Me – Part 1

  1. A lovely little selection Donna to have around you at the campsite. The Killdeer is an interesting plover we never see here. I always love to see Blue Jays.

    • Thank you, Ashley! The campground was very quiet and open, so birds know they are safe within. I learned after booking our reservation that the Port Charlotte area was designated as a bird sanctuary. So many places we didn’t get to go to because of the virus, I hope we can return again one day. I think of you when I see Blue Jays. 🙂

    • Years ago, I worked our business from our home for several years before moving it to an office building, and it was very hard back then. I cannot imagine trying to do it now. Too many home interruptions that can occur making your day disappear too fast! I hope things improve around the world soon so you can get back to the office and separate it from your daily personal life and gain back the spare time you need/deserve to pursue your photography hobby!

    • Thank you, Barbara! Killdeers are quite entertaining. Have you seen them fake an injury to draw your attention to them and away from a nearby nest or little ones? Quite the drama!

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