Birds Camping With Me – Part 2


My last post shared more of the smaller birds I photographed within our campground last month.  This series is showcasing more of the impressive, larger birds.  The draw for them were the three ponds the campsites surrounded.  Fly-bys overhead were always welcomed!

I love to cruise around in my ‘birding mobile’, setting myself up to allow the birds to ignore me or work their way towards me, while I wait, not moving, not making eye contact.  We all know vehicles make great ‘blinds’ when birding, can you believe a brightly colored golf cart would work too?!  🙂


DSC_8195-1 112119

My Fun “Birding Mobile”


And now on to my campground birds….



I get a lot of smiles and love from people when they see me photographing from my birding mobile.  And above, it looks like the birds all give a smile too.  😉


35 thoughts on “Birds Camping With Me – Part 2

  1. Amazing pictures, Donna! I especially love the first of the little blue heron and the last of the tricolored heron, who is perfectly framed by that tree. 🙂 Your birding mobile rocks!

  2. Lovely bird pics, as you know I am fond of herons, so no surprise that I also really like the little blue heron and the tricoloured heron, both with great watery backgrounds.

  3. I hear we are not supposed to bird in bright colours but think our fine-feathered friends are used to it. Glad it works for you in your heavenly camp ground. I too like how the trees frame the subject in this series.

  4. That’s an excellent gallery of beautiful photograph! I’d love to see you driving that “Birding Mobil” with all your photo gear. 🙂

    • Thank you, Ashley, it was indeed a great campground for birders. We’d like to return to this one. My research has been pretty good on finding great campground locations for birds so far! 😊

  5. How wonderful to be surrounded by such beautiful birds! And from such a such a colorful perch!

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