Wildlife Cohabiting Together — Killdeer and Least Sandpiper


I adored watching this Killdeer and a Least Sandpiper hanging together for several days at our campground.  It appeared as if the Killdeer was the protector.  When the Killdeer took flight to another spot, the tiny sandpiper followed.  While the Killdeer kept guard, the tiny sandpiper crouched down and rested.


DSC_7422-1 11520

Killdeer and Least Sandpiper


DSC_7422-2 11520

Killdeer and Least Sandpiper


DSC_7452-1 11520

Least Sandpiper, the smallest shorebird in the world,
weighing about 1 ounce and measuring 5-6 inches long.


37 thoughts on “Wildlife Cohabiting Together — Killdeer and Least Sandpiper

    • Maybe! We were at this campground for about three weeks, at least six Killdeer were on the premises the entire time. The little sandpiper showed up sometime during the second week and disappeared a week later. I was thinking possibly the Least Sandpiper was on its migration on a break, they go as far south as Chile and Brazil in South America. Either way, cute! 🙂

  1. What a lovely example of friendship Donna between species. I have seen it with other bird and animal species where they befriend each other because they are single. Similar to humans some birds feel fulfilled when they are performing their God given roles even if it is not caring for their own kind.

    • Thank you, Ashley, wonderfully said! We did have a lot of Killdeer on site, but the little sandpiper was the only one I saw. I seen him resting a lot with that Killdeer, I wondered if he was still on migration and just on a stop break, they goes as far as Chile and Brazil for the winter.

  2. How generous of the killdeer to offer protection. The tiny least sandpiper is adorable. I saw my first flock of them last summer at our local beach. There were a few semipalmated sandpipers in the flock, too. Alas, they were only passing through on their migration and I never saw them again. 🌲

    • Isn’t this just so sweet?!! Such a tiny sandpiper, I saw/photographed my first one back in October in the OBX in fleeting moments, so this was a special treat for me. 😊

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