The Wood Stork’s Unique Beauty


Birds are mostly described as beautiful, adorable, majestic, gorgeous, to name a few.  All those wonderful ‘pretty’ verbs.

There are some bird species, though, that are described with other not-so-pretty verbs.  Odd, ugly, weird, only-a-mother-could-love.  Add shy and prehistoric, and you’ve described the Wood Stork.

I hope these photos show you that they are beautiful too!



39 thoughts on “The Wood Stork’s Unique Beauty

    • Thank you, Jane! I think the Wood Stork excited me the most at the campground. I sat for long periods just watching this one. They take their foot and sweep below the water’s surface to the bottom while their beak is submerged and gobble up what swims into their mouths. Just doesn’t seem like they’d get enough to eat, being so slow and peaceful at it; but they must!

    • Thank you, Sel, I agree! With their gentle shyness, I felt truly lucky to be so close to this stork; and it allow me to watch and photograph it. S/he didn’t visit every day but the campground ponds were on it’s travels list to visit often.

  1. The Wood Storks are “especially” beautiful in their own category. This category where you find: Vultures, Crows, Grakles, etc. So called “ugly” birds. They all, are beautiful. Thank you for your great post, Donna. πŸ™‚

  2. Some great captures here, Donna. Your post reminds me of a cat we had once– when we got our faces too close to hers she would twist and look away with aversion and we used to laugh as we imagined her thinking, “God, they are SO ugly, they have no fur on their face!” πŸ˜€

  3. I love wood storks but I would never accuse them of being beautiful. Somewhat like young anhingas or great blue herons. Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful Christmas!

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