Wildlife Cohabiting Together — Great Egret, Anhinga, Softshell Turtles


I love seeing different species of wildlife resting together, feeling safe.  Getting to see size comparisons is a big plus.

Even if they don’t want to look at each other.  😉


DSC_8265-1 111420

“Getting Along”
Anhinga, Great Egret, Softshell Turtles



35 thoughts on “Wildlife Cohabiting Together — Great Egret, Anhinga, Softshell Turtles

  1. Great picture! A reminder to us humans that we have a lot to learn about getting along with those who are different from us.

    • Humanity’s fallen nature gets in the way. Even some of the people who proclaim to champion tolerance are the very same ones who turn a blind eye when those who happen to hold views opposite to theirs are being oppressed. I believe the term is called selective outrage. Truth can never coexist with lies.

  2. Or is that Anhinga mimicking (soon to be ex-)President Trump looking the other way, while ‘his’ softshell turtles invade the Egret’s domain? If only humans could learn from nature… (I’m shocked and saddened to see those images of yesterday).

  3. Great composition, Donna! I’m with you – it’s fun when we can photograph multiple species in the same frame. Especially when one isn’t eating the other!

    Happy New Year!

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