The Elusive Green Heron


The smaller Green Heron is more elusive than its towering cousins.  With its dark colors and stocky bodies, the Green Heron blends in to its surroundings very well.

Can you see the Green Heron in my full frame photo below?


DSC_3290-2 12021

Green Heron in a swamp habitat
Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park


I’m sure most of you found it with your eagle eye.  If you weren’t sure, the Green Heron is dead center.  🙂

Here’s the above photo cropped below, sharing that pretty little heron.


DSC_3290-1 12021

Green Heron


Usually you come up on them without knowing, and they flush out in flight.  The above and below photos are the only two I could consider to share from the past month, they’ve been that elusive for me.


DSC_3968-1 12521

Green Heron in a wetlands habitat
Everglades 10,000 Islands NWR


I think because it is such a challenge to find and photograph this heron is why I love it so much!



31 thoughts on “The Elusive Green Heron

  1. I love those guys! Can’t wait until they return to our cove! Thanks for sharing – great photos.

  2. Nice and I do like that green moss behind him and in the reflection. Good description, too, elusive and they like the dark places! Great capture of him walking the stick, too—almost out in the open!

  3. Nice way to show us how hard they are to spot! Martha in her comment above used the word impish to describe them, that’s exactly it. Another photographer I follow did a little series on them, will see if I can find the link for you later.

    • Thank you, Barbara! I’ve been wanting to buy a pair of binoculars; but then I’d have to carry something else, so I’ve become accustomed to using my zoom lens as my ‘binoculars’. 🙂

  4. My goodness Donna! It blends so well in the trees how did you ever spot it?! You truly have an amazing birder eye!

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