Five On The Wing – #4


Here’s my fourth of my series of sharing five birds in flight in one post.


DSC_0689-1 122220

Laughing Gull


DSC_7630-1 122020

Royal Tern


DSC_1881-1 12221

American Oystercatcher


DSC_1205-1 121520

Herring Gull


DSC_4303-2 12521 caspian

Caspian Tern


Oh, to fly like a bird!



42 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #4

  1. You’re right when you said that photos of birds in the flight is no challenge. These shots are the proof of that statement. Excellent work, Donna. πŸ™‚

  2. There is such elegance in the flight of birds, and you captured it all. My favorite is the oystercatcher because of his beautiful wing colors but the lovely arc of the caspian tern is also really lovely.

  3. Great series of images Donna! My favorite is the Caspian Tern coming straight at you! We finally went out to see what we could find at Blackwater. Saw a few Eagles far out and a lot of Tundra swans and Canada Geese, again not close. Nothing Great so did a lot panoramas to show landscapes with a bunch of birds in them. But it was nice to get out and practice social distancing!😊 But there again there were not that many cars on the Wildlife Drive.

    • Thank you, Reed! That Caspian was indeed coming straight at me, lol, I was on top of a 2-story observation deck.

      Glad to hear you went to BNWR but sorry to hear it was a lackluster Eagle day. I’ll check out your upcoming photos! I hope you got some panoramas of the White Pelicans. πŸ™‚

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