Squabbling Wood Storks


Nicknamed the “old man of the swamp” and the “voiceless bird”, you will generally see the quiet Wood Stork in a calm setting, foraging or resting.  They co-habitat nicely with egrets and herons as long as its neighbors play nice.

So I was surprised to see a little aggressive interaction take place between two Wood Storks a couple weeks ago as one came in to land near another.

Here are the highlights!


DSC_4391-1 12521

Wood Stork squabble begins


DSC_4386-1 12521

The Wood Stork ‘180’


DSC_4388-1 12521

Chest to Chest Hissing and Beak Snapping


DSC_4389-1 12521

‘Hi-YA’  Kung Fu


DSC_4390-1 12521

New meaning to ‘foot in mouth’


DSC_4392-1 12521

“Begone, you old fool!”


DSC_4394-1 12521

“And don’t come back!”


I guess the one landing wasn’t welcomed!



37 thoughts on “Squabbling Wood Storks

    • I was thinking that too. 🙂 The first one was just resting before the second’s arrival; maybe its belly was already full but it still was keeping on on its fishing hole for the next hour! hehe

  1. Fabulous action series, Donna! Foot in Mouth made me laugh and it always surprises me that these fellows are more agile than they appear.

    Do the Wood Storks have a rookery near there?

    • Thank you, Ellen! Glad you laughed, sometimes we get some of the funniest shots, lol. I don’t know of a Wood Stork rookery nearby but there sure are a lot of them around, I see them daily.

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