Gray Catbird


I know many of you are missing one of your summer’s interesting songs of the Gray Catbird.  I can happily report many are here in Florida enjoying their winter vacation.

I can hear them just about everywhere I wander, following their ‘mew’ calls, then spotting them doing short flights in shrubs, thickets and vegetation, always hiding behind branches and leaves.  They are so secretive!

Finally one gave me a chance out in the open.  I took it!


DSC_3338-1 12121

Gray Catbird



39 thoughts on “Gray Catbird

  1. Awwwww! I got a photo of a Gray Catbird when we went to Florida last October! I didn’t know what it was and I just ID’d him a few days ago! You got such a pretty photo. I don’t think I heard his mew, but I got a nice photo of him. 😎

  2. I love gray catbirds and do miss them in the winter. This is a fantastic picture — great capture! I’ve never been able to get one out in the open like this. (The picture on my sidebar is the best I could ever do…)

    • Thank you, Barbara! I seldom see them out in the open either. And guess what, yesterday we had to run an errand, I sat in the car while hubby went into the store, and a gray catbird was on the curb alongside the car. (and yes, I took photos lol, surely a different shot for my catbird folder! hehe)

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