All Those Egrets, Lots of Tension


Those three mornings with the awesome variety and vast number of birds meant there was less foraging and general territory ‘space’ for each.

This caused some tension and many skirmishes, especially between the Great Egrets.  Beaks up in the air, chests out, wing spread warnings to “get out of my space!”


DSC_8352-1 21321

Great Egrets trying to protect their space of feeding


Here’s a skirmish between two just as the sun was beginning to light up the fog as it lifted, reflecting on the water.


DSC_9673-3 21421

Great Egret skirmish, full scene


I decided to crop the above photo and three additional to this series for what I thought was a better composition to share the action.

Note the Great Egret on the right who watches the scene too, backing up a bit to not get involved.  Smart egret!


DSC_9673-2 21421

Great Egret skirmish


DSC_9674-2 21421

Great Egret


DSC_9676-2 21421

Great Egret


DSC_9678-2 21421

Great Egret skirmish ending with one leaving for another spot



50 thoughts on “All Those Egrets, Lots of Tension

  1. The picture, third from the bottom deserves to be framed…my opinion. All are great, but that one, it has impressed me as one with a lot of artistic expression. Excellent, Bravo again, Donna. πŸ™‚ β™₯️

  2. In some ways it looks like a courtship dance, (with necks almost entwined), though it clearly wasn’t – especially finishing with that peck at the end! Great series of pics Donna. 😊

    • Thank you, Mike! You’re right, it could be courtship dancing too and will be in a few weeks. Right now, every one just want to shove the other around, lol. Who knew you could get goosed by an egret! πŸ˜‰

  3. Stunning photos, Donna! It may be skirmishes, but your pictures still make me think of elegant and graceful ballet dancers in their classical tutus (as in Swan Lake). πŸ™‚

  4. Stunning captures, Donna! I love the egret watching and trying to stay out of the way. If only human conflicts could be resolved so quickly. The fourth picture is amazing how their wings and legs and necks pair up.

    • Thank you, Ellen! There were times a pair was 10+ ft in the air at each other. It always seemed more like shoving with their chests, but I did see a little nip and stab here and there. 😳

    • There was no time!! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£

      And that’s what a bird photographer dreams of saying with these big scenes!! πŸ˜‰

      But when I left the birds, I surely happy danced all the way back down the trail to my car. 😎

  5. I have never seen this many egrets together in one location, Donna. That must have left an indelible impression. But when too many living beings are confined in a limited space it’s stressful. Let’s hope the “arguments” will not be too severe.
    Best wishes,

    • Yes, it was quite amazing, Tanja! I’ve never seen so many at one time, and I saw it for three mornings in a row. The water level has been higher this winter I’ve learned from the heavy rains in December, but it is now quickly dissipating daily with the warmer temps. Soon many will be heading north for home and breeding, yay!

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