More Great Egret Territorial Tension


Sharing a second post on the Great Egrets and their territorial tensions that continued where hundreds were packed in and trying to forage.  It was a challenge because you had to be on the action before it happened, as it was over within seconds!


DSC_8497-1 21321

Great Egrets trying to get along in tight quarters


I lucked out on another series of Great Egrets defending their space, or more eloquently described in a few comments from yesterday’s post, performing ballet dancing.  😊

I’ll let these two tell their six-photo story as the tension begins between them as the American White Pelicans squeeze off space while passing by.

Also note a third Great Egret (bottom right corner of first photo only) is starting something with another one out of sight.


DSC_8302-1 21321

(Birds in above photo – Great Egrets, American White Pelicans, Wood Stork, Snowy Egret)


DSC_8304-1 21321


DSC_8306-1 21321


DSC_8307-1 21321


DSC_8308-1 21321


DSC_8309-1 21321

Right Egret’s “My Turf” Stance
(and the winner of that bit of space)


That last shot makes me giggle!  😅



32 thoughts on “More Great Egret Territorial Tension

  1. I’m glad that you’re enjoying good weather plus ample amounts of birds. We are having very cold and gray days. Yesterday morning was 19ºF! You can imagine what the F stands for…
    Great shots again! Thank you, Donna. 🙂

    • Holy moly, HJ! I cannot believe the weather and temps north of Florida and along the gulf coast. We are fortunate it didn’t reach this far south. I won’t tell you my temps. 😉 Thanks for the kind comments!

  2. Love the dance pose in #3 (DSC_8304-1 21321) most of all! Great to see the size comparison ‘tween Great and Snowy in that same image. 🥰

  3. Another great series. I often wonder what it is that the ‘winner’ does which makes the other back off. I often see similar displays of open or flapping wings of the Great Tits or Siskins on our feeder and can never quite see what the key move is. Maybe it’s the look in theirs eyes!?! It’s great though that they never seem to harm each other physically – just a blow to the other’s ego I guess (not to mention losing the space and possibly mating rights).

    • Thank you, Rudi! All these birds co-habitat together nicely, and it is interesting to see when tight quarters occur, how things changed as they felt threatened to lose their morning’s fishing hole.

  4. Always fascinates me how the other birds, Snowy Egret and Pelicans, just go on about their business! Another great series, Donna. Glad to read above that the cold did not reach down to your area. We have been spared that, too, but gloomy, wet, grey days are wearing thin.

    • Thanks Ellen! I did notice the GBHs did command a little authority over the egrets but every one bowed to the pelicans. And the pelicans just foraged through with no care or inkling, lol. My goodness, I cannot believe the temps along the gulf coast and the east coast. It would wear thin where you’re at, fingers crossed this is all about to be over and Spring will spring forward!

      • You are welcome, Donna! They have it all worked out, at least until breeding season!
        Yes, and may we actually have a spring this year and not leap right into summer!

    • Thank you! It really did, sometimes the two up high in the air was like an elegant dance. I missed all those for photos. I quit trying and just enjoyed the dances. And everything else happening at once. 🙂

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