American White Pelicans


Not only having at least 15 bird species in one wetland area at the same time, it was awesome to have one of them in numbers to be the American White Pelican.


DSC_7050-1 21121


The American White Pelican is the second largest North American bird (after the California Condor).


DSC_8922-1 21321

American White Pelicans with Great Egrets and Snowy Egrets in the mix


DSC_9127-3 21321

American White Pelicans foraging


DSC_9102-1 21321

American White Pelicans with a Great Egret and Snowy Egret


The American White Pelican’s wingspan is an impressive 95″-120″ (8′-10′ or 241cm-305cm) wide.


DSC_7634-1 21221

American White Pelican


DSC_9193-1 21321

American White Pelicans


Certainly the king of the birds here, as the other birds made sure to get out of those big pelicans’ way!



41 thoughts on “American White Pelicans

  1. You’re so fortunate to see so many of these gorgeous birds in one place. We only get about four brown plus here in winter. Nevertheless, I love watching them flying overhead. They’re so graceful for such a big bird.

    • This past week has been the prime that I’ve seen, just birds everywhere! I feel blessed to see these sightings. Even overhead, they certainly are graceful, I love seeing them soar.

  2. It seems like this place is getting better and better. As I mentioned in previous comments, there must be a source of nourishment for these birds, to concentrate. Perhaps some special fish that birds love to eat. Find out. Great captures, Donna. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, HJ! I did find out that this area is more flooded this year than this time last year from the heavy rains in December 2020. There is definitely ample small fish, I see them catching tiny to 4-5″ long fish all the time! (or at least there was ample, lol) πŸ™‚

    • Just seeing them alongside others really shows off their size. The water level is higher here right now than normal, the fish have multiplied nicely, and the birds are smart! πŸ™‚

  3. How wonderful to see them up close and be able to get such fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lovely shots Donna, I especially love your Snowy Egret standing tall but dwarfed against the Pelicans. Our Little Egret is very similar but for its different plume array.

  5. Great photos of a beautiful pelican Donna. It’s easy to forget how big pelicans really are until you get up close or have one fly overhead.

  6. Beautiful pictures, Donna, and I love the close-ups. The fourth picture helps me to appreciate the size perspective — the pelicans are so huge compared to the egrets! To see that large pelican flying above you must have been thrilling!

  7. Such great photos of the White Pelicans, especially the in-flight shot! With so many of them, I wonder if they could clean out the fish population in that wetland area.

    • Thank you, Hien! The pelicans don’t stay all day, and the wetlands is quite large with lots of water depth still at this time. Once the water mostly dissipates (it will within the next month or so), the birds and fish will be all gone!

    • Thank you, Ellen! The Snowy Egrets always brighten a shot, and I agree on the Pelicans. These were so close to the trail because they were mostly hidden behind a line of trees. The openings provided magical scenes!

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