Five On The Wing – #7


Here’s post #7 of my Five On The Wing series, sharing five bird species, each in flight.


DSC_5295-1 2521



DSC_4305-1 12521caspian

Caspian Tern


DSC_4288-1 22420

American White Pelican


DSC_0429-1 21421

Roseate Spoonbill


DSC_2831-2 11621

Osprey with fish #1


DSC_2833-2 11621

Osprey with fish #2


Two of the Osprey, I couldn’t decide which expressions on each I liked the best!Β  😁



38 thoughts on “Five On The Wing – #7

  1. Nice set, Donna– I found the ‘flying fish’ interesting in that the osprey seemed to hold it aerodynamically. Wonder if the fish is thinking, ‘OMG, I’m flying!’ Ha! πŸ˜€

  2. Great pictures! How wonderful to be able to see and capture in flight so many different birds. I love taking your trip vicariously through your photos. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I love the pelican flying low over the grass — beautiful! That poor fish being carried through the air by the osprey… I do hope it’s already dead because it looks terrified with its mouth gaping open like that… We have terns around here in the summer but I’m not sure which species. That’s a great close-up you got. Wonderful set of pictures, Donna!

    • Thank you, Barbara, for all your wonderful comments! Sadly, the fish is probably still alive. πŸ˜• Osprey grab them from the water, quickly turn them head first, and head directly back to their perch or nest to eat it. If it’s mid-breeding season, Daddy Osprey is hunting so much for the Mom & chicks, he will eat the head while flying back to the nest, to help keep himself nourished. Osprey do not do anything to the fish to try to kill it first. I’ve seen fish still moving many times while being eaten when I watched Osprey on a daily basis for two years. They actually say an Osprey will not eat a dead fish, like one found floating. They will keep hunting.

  4. wow! What a great avian flying series, Donna. I loved seeing each of these magnificent birds cruising through the sky. Osprey with fish in its talons is spectacular. And seeing a roseate spoonbill with a completely open wingspan is truly incredible.

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