Little Blue Heron On The Hunt


This is another bird I photographed at Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary that earned its own post. 😊

This Little Blue Heron was intently on the hunt in the area called Lettuce Lakes, towards the end of the boardwalk.


DSC_1839-1 22421

Little Blue Heron on the hunt


DSC_1842-1 22421

Hmmmm…..what do I spy with my little eye….


DSC_1851-1 22421



DSC_1859-1 22421

Now, what to do with this writhing meal?


DSC_1864-1 22421

Little Blue Heron takes off with the crayfish to land on a felled tree


DSC_1872-4 22421

Darn… what??


The Little Blue Heron didn’t seem to know what to do with this large crayfish that was still very much alive and trying to pinch him.

It certainly wasn’t going to be gulped down like a fish!

The heron finally dropped the crayfish on the perch and quickly began stabbing it with its beak.

Unfortunately, I had a group of people approaching me on the boardwalk, so I left the Little Blue Heron still at it, wondering if s/he gave up or was able to digest it.



37 thoughts on “Little Blue Heron On The Hunt

  1. I once photographed a Redshank catch a crab and whack it to pieces on a rock, so I think your Heron will be able to handle the situation.
    Nice shots Donna.

  2. What a wonderful series! i remember seeing little blue herons at Corkscrew, but never with such an interesting ‘catch’.

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  4. I can see where the name Lettuce Lakes came from. But the Little Blue Heron needed some protein, not a salad! Great set of pictures. I love the heron’s shade of blue coloring and watching him prepare his lunch was a treat. πŸ™‚

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