Great Egret Gallery


After a daily post for the past couple months, sorry for my sudden short break!  We left Florida sooner than planned to head home to Maryland, so I wasn’t prepared for a post.  We’ve safely arrived home, skirting all the east coast storms with no problems.  I’ve got lots of catching up to do at home as well as with all your blogs!

I want to get myself back up and running too.  I hope you enjoy this gallery of several different and interesting compositions of the beautiful and elegant Great Egret taken in Florida.  😊


DSC_2931-1 12021


DSC_1315-1 121120


DSC_7021-1 21121


DSC_0902-1 2620


DSC_0912-1 2620


DSC_0934-1 122320


DSC_7129-2 21121


DSC_7132-1 21121


DSC_7077-1 21121


DSC_7887-1 122720


DSC_9633-1 21421


Leaving Florida’s birding paradise was bittersweet.  I am glad to be home.  A bit overwhelming, but I’m looking forward to catching things up!  😊



52 thoughts on “Great Egret Gallery

  1. Marvelous images of this very special bird, Donna. Even though we’ve never met in person, I’m sad to think you’ve left Florida again for this year, but I enjoy everything about your blog – no matter where you are! ☺️ Enjoy being home!β˜€οΈ

  2. I figured that you were on your way home once you knew it was time to enjoy Spring at home. The birds are coming back to the North, like John Snow would have said. For what I can see for this post, I do understand that you were reluctant to come home, These pictures are simply gorgeous! You even have a contortionist egret to top it! Great finale. Thank you Donna. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you so much, HJ! It’s cold up north! hehe At least it is starting to warm up and Spring is sprouting everywhere. It’s good to be home, catch up, and see family. We just got our shots too since back! Woohoo! πŸ™‚

  3. Glad you are back safe and sound. You had a productive winter, capturing some amazing sights. I imagine you will be busy getting yourselves settled. I have to ask: Are B&B back yet? πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Eliza! I still have hundreds of photos to go through, it was a magnificent winter of birds! Whew, taking longer to settling in, lol, don’t know why I thought it’d be a breeze. We no longer live near B&B’s residence, we moved after their last season I shared. I still wonder about them though! They were pretty special and unique! πŸ₯° I’ve seen Osprey in flight many times already, they are home on the Chesapeake, it feels exciting again!

  4. Beautiful images Donna, the head shots are especially gorgeous! Glad to hear you made it home safely πŸ’œπŸ™

    • Thank you very much! I was lucky to get a series of them changing positions, trying to settle in on that tree top. There were Great Egrets in all the trees all around them too! πŸ™‚

  5. Lovely collection. That last one stands out. I laughed at the one, those cormorants have a way of getting in a photo. Smart, they may get a fish from other’s efforts. A bit of an awkward pose where the Egret is preening, nice capture. Though it was an incredible winter with a plethora of birds, including lifers, it must be good to be home even with all the catching -up to do. Excited to see what the spring season gifts us with.

    • Thank you very much, Jane! I’m laughing at your comment about the cormorants, they do make a habit of photo-bombing a lot. lol It is good to be home and see family, esp. the grandboys, I did miss them tremendously! Looking forward to Spring and what I can find to share!

  6. A nice collection of these beauties, Donna! Sorry you had to cut your time short in Florida and you surely will miss the easy access action. On the other hand, reading your comments above there is an allure to being back at home base. I hope you are feeling more settled now and enjoying spring re-awakening.

    • Thank you, Ellen! Ah yes, the grandboys, I sure have missed them (9, 5, 4). We also scored vaccine appointments and those got us packing up to head home sooner than we planned. Great to be home for sure, with Spring abounding!

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